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The worms have arrived

By Trash Talk on Jun 12, 08 09:20 AM

I took delivery of worms for my wormery yesterday. The receptionist at Premier Waste Management was quick to let me know the parcel had arrived.

In the evening my daughter and I carefully tore open the envelope and gently shook what looked like a loose lump of mud into the wormery.

That doesn't look too bad I thought as I watched a few small worms wriggling about. But they are not going to eat much - I thought they'd be bigger. Then we stuck our hands in to spread them out...

Arrrgh worms are eating my waste!

By Trash Talk on May 28, 08 09:00 AM

Following on from my composting blog a few weeks ago I thought I would explore the next step in composting and waste reduction – the wormery.

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