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Fretex is a secondhand  clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army. To publicise the store during Oslo Fashion Week they created a catwalk (called a runway in the trade) at a subway exit.

After all, the clothes people are wearing today will be the things they donate in the future; what you are wearing now is the coming Fretex collection.


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Cups made out of jelly

By Trash Talk on Apr 13, 11 10:33 AM

Jelloware cups: you drink out of them, then you eat them.


The best way to cut your waste is to not use disposable items to begin with but, you have to give these people some credit for the sheer weirdness of this idea. They make cups out of jelly. Once you are finished with the cup you can eat it or compost it.


Premier Waste have just published a briefing paper on the importance of soil organic matter. Soil organic matter is a key indicator of soil quality and is fundamental to the maintenance of soil fertility and sustainable crop production in the UK.


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Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has published a study on the most effective way to collect recycling from households.

This study is not just essential reading for anyone who is designing a kerbside recycling scheme but will be of interest to anyone who want to see recycling on the increase.

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Whenever we do a talk about waste and recycling to school children more often than not someone will ask: "Why don't we launch rubbish into space, rather than bury it?"

So why don't we blast waste into space?

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