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ORGANISERS of MMA continually have to fight for the right to hold events in council-run sports centres.

This is because the perception is that MMA is a brutal form of combat competition devoid of skill and only done by knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Of course this utter rubbish and is a common false perception by those who have usually never even seen a competition, or do not understand what actually is happening.

A MARTIAL artist I know recently told me that he wasn't going to bother taking his second dan black belt because he didn't see much point.

His argument was that dan grades are just for those who feel the need to have 'letters after their names'.

I fundamentally disagree (sounds like he is suffering the black belt blues!) because in most martial arts the real training and understanding comes AFTER taking your first black belt.

And to get that true and deeper understanding you have to advance through the upper parts of the system.

A black belt first dan is the BEGINNER grade of black belts. This is why the Japanese systems clearly make a difference in terminology between Kyu (Boy) grades and Dan (Man) grades.

Hello - I've decided to give over this blog to an exclusive interview with Keith Porter, 15th Dan Ninjutsu.
Keith is one of the to Ninjutsu experts in the world and regularly trains with Grandmaster Hatsumi Maasaki in Japan.
Having known and trained with Keith I can safely say he is one of the most knowledgeable martial arts expertrs alive to day.

Phil Doherty: Hello Keith. How and when did you become interested in martial arts?

Keith Porter: "I was born at RAF Cosworth, near Wolverhampton, but spent most of my life in Whitstable, Kent.

"When I was 9-yrs-old I joined a local Judo club in Whitstable, but you know what kids are like, it didn't keep my interest.

"My dad was a former Essex boxing champ so he taught me boxing and I kept that up for a number of years. I then went on to Taekwondo and did that for a couple of years. I also had a little go at Wing Chun, which is excellent for infighting. It was pure luck that I got into Ninjutsu.

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