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Did you read that article in the news this week about men being prone to migraines if they had an affair? According to a report from Turin's Molinette Hospital, the strain of juggling a spouse and a lover leads to stress and tension for the cheating partner. This can lead to migraines, which can cause a potentially fatal aneurysm, culminating in said cheating partner keeling over and an ugly "East Enders" style spat between spouse and lover over the open grave.

Now this all sounds like something from the University of Stating the Bleedin' Obvious, but it turns out to be the work of neurologist Lorenzo Pinessi, who presented his less than astonishing findings at an international conference in Turin. The possibility that attending a conference provides the perfect opportunity for a cheating spouse to enjoy a spot of the extra-maritals may not have been entirely lost on Dr. Pinessi.

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