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I'VE never made a secret of my thoughts towards Leon Haslam.

I've taken a lot of stick for it, fended off lots of abuse, but I've always felt that as a rider he should have delivered more.

Contrary to popular belief in certain internet forums, I don't have a personal dislike for the lad. Instead it's probably more of a feeling of frustration.

EUGENE Laverty is fired-up and ready "to knock Crutchlow down a peg" as he heads into the Imola round of the World Supersport Championship this weekend.

The fighting talk comes from the normally shy and retiring Parkalgar Honda rider, as he heads to the San Marino track knowing only too well that he must beat championship leader Cal Crutchlow if he stands the chance of lifting the crown this year.

The Parkalgar Honda rider currently lies 17 points adrift of Yamaha Racing's Crutchlow, and the Irishman - who lives half of the year in Durham with girlfriend Pippa Morson - knows that this is his chance to close the gap.

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