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I got an email the other day, probably the same one that has pinged into your inbox over the last 24 hours. Highly libellous, it was, but salacious enough to pique my interest - not least because it claimed to have the inside track on why England's World Cup bid failed.

The gist of it was a re-heated rumour given an England twist and for about five seconds I could feel the fury building inside me. He did what? With who? And that's the reason why it's going to be 48 years of hurt by the time we rock up in Rio...

Then I thought about it, got my emotions back in check and realised that the original rumour was a load of malicious nonsense with no foundation. I don't know where it originated from, but whoever started the poisonous chain mail is probably sitting back in his bedroom somewhere feeling pretty pleased with himself.

Lets be Frank - Lampard must go

By Mark Douglas on Jun 19, 10 11:30 AM

England's failure in Cape Town was so complete that it is virtually impossible to pin-point one distinct reason for it. Here, there and everywhere there was cause for concern as England combined with an equally ponderous Algeria to deliver quite possibly the worst 90 minutes of any World Cup in living memory.

But it seems clear to me that, in trying to accommodate one player of supreme ability, England are engaging in a folly of monumental proportions. I speak, unfortunately, of Frank Lampard.

Lampard has been an England regular for six years and in that time has delivered only a handful of performances that could truly be regarded as international standard.

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