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Whenever we do a talk about waste and recycling to school children more often than not someone will ask: "Why don't we launch rubbish into space, rather than bury it?"

So why don't we blast waste into space?

After a long hiatus I am back blogging about waste and recycling.

I will start by giving a bit of publicity to one of my colleagues.

In October Mark Stouph, Premier's director of risk management was invited to give a talk to the North East Regional Employers' Organisation (NEREO). He was asked to give a waste and recycling provider perspective on public procurement health and safety assessment following the publication of guidance for local authorities by the Health and Safety Executive.

If you would like a copy of his slides you can download them from our website.

The Animals Save the Planet

By Trash Talk on Nov 26, 08 10:00 AM

An object lesson in how to get a complex message across in an entertaining way.

Watch some stop-motion animals explain how you can lower your impact on the planet:

Great fun to watch. Thanks to Ken Oxley at the Sunday Sun for suggesting this site.

Pay as you throw an overview

By Trash Talk on Aug 20, 08 10:00 AM

As fuel prices rise and local authorities find it harder to recover more recycling, the idea of pay-as-you-throw has surfaced again.

The UK Government has been looking for a handful of local authorities to test out the pay-as-you-throw (or to put it another way recycle-and-save) idea but so far none have come forward.

My waste weight

By Trash Talk on Jun 18, 08 10:00 AM

I recently got to thinking - how much stuff do I throw away every week.

Since joining Premier Waste Management I have become acutely aware of just how much material is being thrown away every year. Once you've visited a landfill site or a transfer station and seen lorry after lorry arrive you can start to feel overwhelmed by the waste problem.

But that's no excuse to give up - mamma Hitchens didn't raise a quitter.

So I decided to see how much of this waste tide I make.

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