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One of the most enduring news images on television recently was at the G2 protests.

THERE was much to admire in the Paralympics but much to be annoyed in the TV coverage.

On top of the ad breaks, on top of the studio presenters starring at each other for prompts. we had...

Paralympics 2012

By Blog on the Box on Sep 3, 12 02:46 PM

Coverage of the Paralympics has been, at best, patchy.

Channel 4 got off to a bad start when advert breaks made the opening ceremony into a hotch potch of paid-for advertising and plugs for sponsors.

And it didn't get much better as the days went on.

He carries the weight of the world on his shoulder, never smiles, and hardly shaves.

THE important thing to remember about Joey Barton, the only thing to remember about Joey Barton, is that he is a convicted thug.

THE food police have stuck their noses in again.

I'm talking about the busybodies from PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - who have huffed and puffed and complained to the BBC about the Great British Menu.

They're still hairy but they're not bikers any more.

Not real bikers, any way.

GET used to athletes getting a bit up themselves in a summer of self-love after Lee Merrien's performance in the London Marathon.

The trouble with Titanic, the latest drama from Julian Fellowes, is that it just didn't float the boat.

MELVYN Bragg's BBC2 series on class has made for strange viewing.
He's an amiable sort of chap, that's for sure, but he does go on a bit about his working class roots.

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