Paralympics 2012

By Blog on the Box on Sep 3, 12 02:46 PM

Coverage of the Paralympics has been, at best, patchy.

Channel 4 got off to a bad start when advert breaks made the opening ceremony into a hotch potch of paid-for advertising and plugs for sponsors.

And it didn't get much better as the days went on.

More commercial breaks interrupted the action at the best moments including the self-indulgent strop by cyclist Jody Cundy.

Watching it after the event just wasn't the same.

Talking of Cundy, was that any way to behave? I know we train our sportsmen and women to have a high opinion of themselves but his rant was a poor example of sportsmanship.

And don't get me started on his battleaxe of a mum.

Oscar Pistorius is another one who needs to grow up.

His complaint, as far as I can tell, seemed to be that the bloke who beat him had better technology that he did.

Some of the commentators didn't seem to be as excited as their counterparts at the Olympics.

And as for the studio team - Jonathan Edwards brought a sporting knowledge to the table but what was the point of his co-star?

Daraine Mulvihill, I think she's called, and she was the one who asked searching questions like: "How can you swim with no arms?"

The pair seemed to spend an awful lot of time looking at each other while thinking of something to say.

It would have been a good time for a commercial break.

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