Why arming the police is a bad idea

By Blog on the Box on Sep 20, 12 10:48 AM

One of the most enduring news images on television recently was at the G2 protests.

Innocent passer-by Ian Tomlinson died after he was hit by PC Simon Harwood.

Harwood was sacked for gross misconduct after he was found to have used unreasonable force.

What would have happened if Harwood had been armed?

There have been calls for police to be given guns as a matter of routine following the deaths of women PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone.

The Americans do it, the argument goes, so why can't we?

I tell you why: Guns, in the hands of the wrong people, cause many more problems than they solve.

Harwood should never have been allowed a truncheon. Much less a gun.

There are other potential Harwoods out there, in uniform, patrolling the streets, right now.

To arm police more often would be the first step to another Ian Tomlinson.

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