Murderball; And the result is...

By Blog on the Box on Sep 10, 12 11:35 AM

THERE was much to admire in the Paralympics but much to be annoyed in the TV coverage.

On top of the ad breaks, on top of the studio presenters starring at each other for prompts. we had...

Channel 4 cutting away from the last few minutes of a Murderball match between USA and Canada.

It was touch and go, it was neck and neck, it was high and dry as coverage switched to the swimming.

There was no apology, no contrition for spoiling an exciting match in the dying minutes, just an announcement that coverage was over.

You could go to one of those web channels to finish watching the game but it would be too late by the time you found it.

Channel Four have, by and large, done well with providing coverage but this was one decision that was wrong.

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