Still Hairy but not real bikers any more

By Blog on the Box on May 8, 12 09:41 AM

They're still hairy but they're not bikers any more.

Not real bikers, any way.

Si King and Dave Myers will garage their beloved motor bikes for their next series and take up pedal power.

Their new BBC2 show will be called The Hairy Dieters as they attempt to lose weight while still shoving food down their big gobs in bucketfuls.

Can it be done? Time, and the size of Si and Dave's bellies, will tell.

The series is just part of a new range of food programmes on the channel.

The idea is that any diet will not work, at least not for the Hairies, if they switch to rabbit food.

So it's a case of finding grub that both filling and healthy.

The pair say: "We're two blokes who love food. As we've always said, 'We're not this shape for nowt.'

"Last year we spent four months sampling the finest patisseries in Europe.

"We had a blinding good time, but it has left both of us with a bit of a spare tyre. It's time to get that punctured in a way that is sensible and sustainable.

"Making this series is going to be a real challenge for us both, and we each have our own very personal reasons for wanting to change our eating habits, which will become evident in the programme.

"It's our way of being responsible and aware of the problems so many people have with health and diet, and the first stop is ourselves.

"But it's not a U-turn, it's more of a detour, and we hope lots of viewers will join us in our journey to shed those extra pounds that make our waistlines strain sometimes..."

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