Midsomer Murders: No change there then!

By Blog on the Box on Feb 2, 12 02:49 PM

It was supposed to be a new start for Midsomer Murders.

The first since controversial boss Brian True-May handed over his toy after leaving the show in the wake of his comments about the last bastion on Englishness.

You could not tell.

It was as bonkers as ever - with Barnaby and Jones investigating a headless horseman, a aristocratic family down on its luck, and an re-enactment of a civil war battle.

But hold on there. Was that a glimpse of a black extra in a non-speaking part putting up the scaffolding?

Might have been, might not, because it was all over in a second.

If change is coming then it needs to come a lot quicker. New producer Jo Wright, please take note.

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