Deal Or No Deal

By Blog on the Box on Jan 26, 12 03:35 PM

Been a while, folks, but I'm back blogging with some mindless twitterings on television. Let's start with Deal or No Deal.

Twenty two boxes, £250,000, just one question: how does Noel Edmonds do it, day in, day out?

Deal Or No Deal is on six days of the week, for most of the year except for a short break in summer, and it's still going strong after more than five years.

The latest to beat the banker was Michael, a nice bloke from Cramlington, who deal at £6000. His box was worth just £5.

It was a nice result for Michael after the banker poked fun at a limp - apparently sustained when he awkwardly sat on a seat in the studio - during his game.

It's always good to see a banker-bashing but it's been a while since anyone won the big prize.

But does anyone else think the show is getting a bit same old, same old, these days?

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