Pat Monahan, comedians, and spitting

By Blog on the Box on Aug 2, 11 09:28 AM

Who would have thought spitting on an audience of school kids would be so funny?

That's what happened in Show Me The Funny when comic Pat Monahan, the half Iranian from Middlesbrough, kept swigging from a bottle of water and then soaking his audience with fountains of H2O.

IT shouldn't have worked. It should have been too gross to contemplate but for some reason, it hit the nail on the head.

Pat went down a bomb in the series to find new stand-up acts hosted by Jason Manford and judged by Alan Davies, Kate Copstick, and, for one night only, Cramlington's Ross Noble.

Pat played the kids and was the only one of the eight contenders to get a standing ovation.

Actually, come to think of it, the kids were probably just trying to keep dry but it was funny.

The judges, despite their initial shock, had nice things to say about the routine.

Pat lived to crack gags another day and the one who didn't make it was Cole Parker who, despite an outgoing personality, did not click with the judges.

Still in, despite dying on stage (he did, despite what Davies thinks) is Rudi Lickwood. Got to be a good joke in that name but I can't think of one. Over to you for ideas.

Ross Noble had some good advice for the aspiring comics - mainly not to try too hard and just let it happen - but I'm not sure about the advice to Rudi Lickwood to tell dirty jokes and get thrown out by the caretaker.

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