Female detectives fail to arrest me

By Blog on the Box on Jun 15, 11 02:21 PM

I have tried really hard to enjoy Scott and Bailey, ITV's female detective team, but I can't get away with it.

Tried to establish why I don't like it because the central characters are just like any other TV cops.

Except, of course, they are women.

Rachel Bailey, played by ex Corrie actress Suranne Jones, is a deeply unpleasant and messed up woman.

She used the police computer to find the address of a former lover and called at his home while his wife was there.

She indulged in pillow talk about a case and it came back to haunt her when her ex, a barrister, represented the man in court and won.

She was annoyed when he changed the locks on his flat where she was scrounging.

And she was not above intimidating witnesses to give evidence.

Heck, I could not even have any sympathy when she lost her baby, and that worries me.

I don't think I have turned into a monster. It just that I don't like the characters.

Having said that, Scott and Bailey is made by women for women and I'm not the target audience.

I'll keep trying to like it - I don't have control of the remote at 9pm on Sundays - but no promises.

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