Skating on thin ice - and that's just me!

By Blog on the Box on Jan 10, 11 01:03 PM

WAS watching Dancing on Ice while using a stepper at the local gym so, admittedly, I was paying more attention to watching the calories burn than watching celebrities totter on the ice.

What I did pay attention to, however, was revealing.

Denise Welch, who makes her debut in next week's show, admitted that her natural position was slouching with a fag in one hand and booze in the other watching rather than taking part.

Know where she's coming from but still looking forward to how she has improved since fooling about at Whitley Bay ice rink in her youth. Allegedly.

Kerry Katona introduced herself as a "television presenter." Can think of lots of things Ms K is better known for but television presenter is not one of them.

Ex-Atomic Kitten, ex-face of Iceland, ex-druggie, ex-cocaine snorter.
Even failed the audition for Celebrity Big Brother when the show's shrinks said she wasn't mentally prepared. Allegedly.

Great role model for the kids, though.

And the prize for the biggest thighs in the competition, so far, goes to Nadia Sawalha.

That's the trouble with skimpy cossies. Sometimes they can reveal too much!

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