It's a jungle out there

By Blog on the Box on Dec 3, 10 12:36 PM

IT'S almost over for another year and what have we got: another bunch of celebrities falling over each other to boost their careers.

Thirteen men and women faced the biggest challenge of them all in I'm A Celebrity..Get Me A Chance To Resurrect A Fading Profile.

It worked for some, didn't for others.

Here my view of how some of the celebrities fared in the jungle

Gillian McKeith: The undoubted star of the show for all the wrong reasons. She screamed and screamed and screamed like an overgrown Violent Elizabeth Bott until she made us all sick.

Lembit Opik: Failed politician turned failed jungle celebrity. An early casualty who, in pre-show publicity, talked rather pompously about going to a "journey" as if it was all about him, him, him.

Mrs Gazza: Would have liked her to stay in camp a little longer than she did. I had expected an ageing harridan who would jump at the chance to rubbish Paul at every opportunity but got a sensible middle-aged mum who seemed genuinely warm.

Aggro Santos: His name is Aggro? A man who did not live up to his name because he was so bland, boring, and underwhelming.

Nigel Havers: Too posh for the jungle. Can call himself Right Hon but came across as a right con. Discovered that no-one was prepared to indulge his preciousness.

Shaun Ryder: A bleeping rock star who let the side down behaving beeping normally except for his bleeping language. Didn't suffer Gillian lightly and their spats provided the show's best moments.

Dom Joly: A divisive personality who came across as sarcastic and cruel. It could be said that's what comedians are supposed to be but there was just....something...about him that would make me avoid him like the plague.

Kalya Collins: Famous for those bikinis (thank you) and her hilarious role in Poo-Gate.

Stacey Solomon: As mad as a hatter but lovely with it.

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