BTCC breathes life back into Donington Park...and how pleased we are.

By Burning Rubber on Sep 21, 10 10:52 AM

MattN Blog.jpgHANDS up all those of you who didn't feel some emotion on Sunday when the BTCC returned to Donington Park. lot with your hands up, its time to take a hike away from this blog.

There has to be something wrong with anyone who can't say they weren't happy to see the UK's premier car racing championship roll back into what many of us deem the best track in the country.

And the best thing is, that while many of us thought we'd heard the death knell for Donington, BTCC chiefs never gave up hope. Race start lBlog.jpg

Granted, they had scheduled the Donington Park round late into their 2010 calendar, but unlike many championships which gave it up as a bad job and axed it from their series' altogether, BTCC series director Alan Gow and his team had faith that it would return and kept it in the programme.

redgate blog.jpgAfter what happened to the track as a result of the ill-fated F1 bid, it did seem inconceivable that it would open again this season, if at all.

For anyone who needs a reminder, the video taken by MCN staff in March is still available to view:

But thankfully for anyone who cares about racing, Kevin Wheatcroft is now at the helm.

Wheatcroft, whose late father Tom famously operated Donington from the Seventies to the mid-Noughties, managed to regain control of the circuit for his family earlier this year, bringing a huge sigh of relief from just about everyone involved in motorsport.

And as the BTCC arrived at the circuit last week ahead of the first high-profile event since the track re-opened, Wheatcroft said what many of us were thinking as he thanked Gow and BTCC chiefs.

"We are delighted to welcome the BTCC back to Donington, not least because the championship showed faith in the circuit by keeping Donington on its 2010 calendar," he said.

And you can't argue with that. In fact, I think everyone should be giving Gow a big round of applause. Gow Blog.jpg

Thanks to his faith in the track, it's now definitely back up and running, and the six hours plus of TV time on Sunday afternoon will have certainly gone some way to showing the world that once again Donington Park is open for business.

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