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No room for Eamonn Holmes

By Blog on the Box on Jul 19, 10 01:48 PM

There's no room for Eamonn Holmes on Jon Culshaw's impressions show any more.

Oops, sorry, not allowed to say that. Let's start again.

Superbike World Championship Brno, Race Two. By Zoe Burn and Mic Archbold

Biaggi PI Test closeup action - BLOG.jpgMAX Biaggi sealed his place at the top of the title standings after a dominant win in this afternoon's second race.

The Roman Emperor crossed the line with almost a five second lead over Race One winner Jonathan Rea, while Biaggi's fellow Roman Michel Fabrizio made it home third.

At the green light, Biaggi made one of his quick getaways, searing into the lead as the pack rounded the first corner. Behind it was Ruben Xaus's BMW which emerged best of the rest, as he surged up to second.

World Supersport Championship, Brno by Zoe Burn and Mic Archbold

Sofuoglu PI Fri action1 - BLOG.jpgKENAN Sofuoglu took a hard-fought win in today's World Supersport Championship race at Brno in the Czech Republic.

The Turkish HANNSpree Ten Kate Honda rider has catapulted himself to the top of the title standings after leading the Kawasaki of Joan Lascorz across the line with Brit Chaz Davies taking a delighted third.

Eugene Laverty, who went into this weekend leading the series by three points, has slipped to third after retiring his Parkalgar Honda on Lap Six.

Superbike World Championship, Brno Race One...By Zoe Burn and Mic Archbold.

BRNO_-_Rea_action-BLOG.jpgJONATHAN Rea dominated the opening race from Brno this morning, to take his third SBK win of the season.

The HANNSpree Ten Kate rider crossed the line on one wheel after edging out a gap of more than three seconds at the front of the pack.

Series leader Max Biaggi was second man home, with Britain's Cal Crutchlow third.

Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful it is to watch World Cup finalists Spain but I just can't agree. As pretty as their slick, passing football is I can't help but be absolutely terrified by it.

On Wednesday they were like one of those giant Boa Constrictors, slowly squeezing the life out of a hitherto vibrant Germany in the first half before devouring them with a wonderful, daring second half effort.

I must admit, I've been irked by the hero worship of the Spanish at this tournament. I never had a problem with a team who are quite clearly the international side of their generation, but did we really need to rush to canonise them after beating Honduras, a dreadful Portugal and an obdurate Paraguay?

OK I'll say it. It's time to identify the elephant in the room of this World Cup house party.

This has been a vibrant, colourful and historic World Cup but no amount of enthusiasm from the South African hosts can mask the fact that the football thus far has been pretty damned mediocre.

Not terrible, because there has been enough intrigue in the opening rounds to provide a few truly memorable moments. But let's be honest, there have no individual or team performances that have approached the World Cup gold standard set by the likes of Pele, Maradona and Zidane through the years.

You've got to be joking

By Blog on the Box on Jul 2, 10 10:30 AM

Got to say I'm on David Mercer's side.

I got an email the other day, probably the same one that has pinged into your inbox over the last 24 hours. Highly libellous, it was, but salacious enough to pique my interest - not least because it claimed to have the inside track on why England's World Cup bid failed.

The gist of it was a re-heated rumour given an England twist and for about five seconds I could feel the fury building inside me. He did what? With who? And that's the reason why it's going to be 48 years of hurt by the time we rock up in Rio...

Then I thought about it, got my emotions back in check and realised that the original rumour was a load of malicious nonsense with no foundation. I don't know where it originated from, but whoever started the poisonous chain mail is probably sitting back in his bedroom somewhere feeling pretty pleased with himself.

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