Having a go at James Corden

By Blog on the Box on Jun 14, 10 10:51 AM

Who is James Corden? Actor, writer, comedian, songwriter - or just an over-inflated bag of ego?

James is putting himself about a lot lately and it's starting to look a little bit like over-exposure.

Look, he's there in Doctor Who as one of those guest stars who get in the way of the action.

He's here with his annoying banter after some World Cup matches.

(And there with his single with Dizzee Rascal in which fans are encouraged to "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" - lyrics some claim brand England's fans as hooligans).

And he's everywhere where there's a red carpet and celebrities to run shoulders with.

What really exposes him, however, was the very public row with actor Patrick Stewart at an awards ceremony the other day.

Stewart, admittedly, started it by baldly going where no man had gone before and by claiming he could see too much of Corden's belly.

But, instead of rolling with it, Corden retaliated.

He said: "Sorry, I'm waiting for the punchline. You could see my belly . . . Well, I can see you dying [on stage] right now."

There were other things, too, like Cordon's mocking of Stewart as an old man.

In doing so Corden, a man who enjoys the trappings of fame, made himself the story.

Yes, Mr Stewart, we ARE seeing too much of Corden's belly. And the rest of him as well!

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