The Rochdale Incident: When is a mini-series coming?

By Blog on the Box on Apr 29, 10 02:48 PM

BEST TV moment of the week: Gordon Brown falling flat on his face in Rochdale.

News cameras were there to record every painful moment.

Someone snap up the film rights - this could be big.

Ticks all the right boxes.

Politician makes embarrassing gaffe at flashpoint in his career. Check.

Ordinary woman thrust into the spotlight like Susan Boyle. Check.

Politician forced to apologise to said ordinary woman. Check.

The case highlights a number of things, in my mind.

Firstly, Mr Brown is a bit of a Harvey in parting from Mrs Duffy on good terms and criticising her when he thought his real views are not recorded.

(A Harvey, by the way, is Harvey Dent from Batman, aka Two Face).

Secondly, she was not a bigot.

Just by talking about immigration for a few seconds in what was a wide-ranging discussion does not a bigot make.

She was not racist in simply asking where all the Eastern Europeans were coming from - Eastern Europe, presumably.

But it is a symptom of a country too frightened to talk about immigration that Mr Brown remembered that - and only that - when he cruelly branded the woman.

She talked about crime, deprived children, pensions, tuition fees, etc etc, so on and so forth.

Yet politically-correct Mr Brown jumped on one sentence that wasn't even finished before she hopped on another subject.

Labour's PR attempts to smooth over the row, including a 38-minute apology in Mrs Duffy's home, were laughable but entertaining enough to make a mini-series.

I see Jim Carrey as Brown, Julie Walters as Mrs Duffy, and Jeremy Vine (who interviewed the PM when he was told of the gaffe) as himself.

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