A flight of fancy is grounded

By Blog on the Box on Apr 23, 10 10:47 AM

Michael O'Leary, the profit-obsessed chief executive of Ryanair, has always struck me as a great pantomime villain.

There he was on the news declaring that under no circumstances would stranded passengers get any compensation from his company.

They might get the price of their tickets but expenses like hotel bills and food?

No, never, wasn't going to happen.

Every villain gets his comuppance and in O'Leary's case it wasn't long before he was given a bloody nose.

Can't do that, said the Civil Aviation Authority.

Can't do that, said transport minister Andrew Adonis.

(Can't bring myself to use the title Lord but that's a tale for another time).

It was, they said, against the law.

Further news reports had O'Leary's lot trying to distance themselves from the bullishness of the previous day.

Ryanair WILL pay out but only to a "reasonable" level.

Define "reasonable". I'd like to bet Ryanair's definition is not the same as some of their passengers!

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