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By Blog on the Box on Jan 11, 10 12:09 PM

And the award for the most miserable detective on television goes to...


Wallender is the latest cop to get his own show with the 2nd series (of the English language version) appearing on BBC1 but he is just so damned glum.

It's hard work for the viewer and I think they were extracting the urine with the title of the last episode.

The Man Who Smiled (Yes, really) took viewers on Wally's moribund investigation into a friend's apparent suicide.

I wish Kenneth Branagh, who plays the Swedish dick, had smiled a bit.

As it was, it was relenting misery and depression from the opening sequence in a far-fetched tale of a multi-millionaire earning his daily caviar with a thriving business providing body parts.

That was the cue for Wally to pile depression upon depression.

He was already down in the dumps after killing a man, down in the dumps because his family relationships had broken down, down in the dumps because he let a friend down, because in the dumps because...

Well, you get the idea.

But he is Swedish and Swedes tend to get a bit fed-up at times.

It's those long winters, relative lack of success at football, and re-runs of the Swedish language version of Wallender.

It's got to have a detrimental effect on the national character.

I'm told the Swedes are a bit sensitive about their reputation for depression.

Even Swedes thenselves admit they can be a bit off-putting.

One academic has a website trying to the dispel the myth that Swedes are unhappy and even suicide-prone.

He says: "Swedes do not show what they feel very openly."

And: "Swedes are not much good at establishing contact, as they seldom feel inclined to make conversation simply because the opportunity arises."

And: "Swedes do get depressed in the winter."

And this was a bloke trying to be positive.

Don't you just love that Swedish joie de vivre.

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