Del Boy 1960: A darker Only Fools and Horses

By Blog on the Box on Jan 25, 10 10:20 AM

It wasn't Only Fools and Horses - but that was good.

Rock and Chips, a prequel to the popular comedy showing the Trotters in 1960, was its own thing.

There were enough nods of the head to the older Del Boy to satisfy existing fans.

The younger version, played by James Buckley, was just starting his ducking and diving but even then had dreams of becoming a millionaire.

Most of the old gang were there including Boycie, Denzil, and Trigger.

So were locations like the Nag's Head and what was to become Nelson Mandela House.

So far, so familiar, so good.

But this wasn't Del's story and the old characters were there to bounce off his sainted mum.

This was her moment in the spotlight.

I'd always imaged Joan Trotter to be a bit older.

Instead we got a vivacious woman trapped in a loveless marriage just old enough to still enjoy her mini-skirts and make-up.

Joan, played by Kellie Bright, was sex on legs.

Rock and Chips was a much darker affair than Only Fools and Horses.

This wasn't a 1960s picture book - despite the breezy soundtrack - but there was real poverty and family breakdown.

It was inevitable that she would be seduced by sleazy Freddie the Frog in an affair that would eventually lead to the birth of Rodney.

Freddie, oddly by by Nicholas Lyndhurst, was a villain who would have been too nasty for Only Fools.

That's what set the two shows apart.

Only Fools was a comedy with touches of drama.

Rock and Chips was a drama with touches of comedy.

It would be nice to see more of the 1960s Trotters as long as the two shows keep that difference.

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