Shaving like your dad can reduce your waste

By Trash Talk on Sep 22, 09 04:54 PM

At the start of 2008 when I was investigating way to reduce my waste, one of the things I started doing was using less "stuff" to shave with.

A couple of weeks went by and I had managed to reduce my waste weight substantially and I forgot about the shaving angle. Then last week when I was getting my hair cut I looked up at a display of shaving brushes which got me thinking about the changes I had made to my shaving regime and how much my changes had reduced my waste.

Essentially what I started to do was shave like my dad. Instead of buying a can of shaving foam/gel, I bought a tub of shaving soap and a nylon bristle shaving brush. I found no difference in shave quality, in fact I found it easier since less foam was produced and it took no longer to do than squirting foam from a can.

So, almost a year and a half later I am still using the same dish of shaving soap and I haven't made much of a dent in it, so it might be with me for at least two more years.
That is when the saving in money and waste hit me.

By using shaving soap and a brush I must have saved myself buying whole carrier bags of shaving foam. The foam I used to buy either came in aluminium cans, which could be recycled (although not the tops) or tubes made of soft plastic which could not be recycled. I reckon I used a can of shaving gel a month, so that's 18 cans and about 27 pounds saved so far.

Once the soap block runs out I can buy a refill - costing me less and leaving me with only a cardboard box and some paper to recycle.

The other thing that bugs me about shaving is the endless layers of packaging and the cost of replacement blades. My next step is to invest in an old fashioned safety razor that takes old-style razor blades.

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