If your old MP3 player still plays music - why change it.

By Trash Talk on Aug 11, 09 01:05 PM

Sometimes you just need to get off that upgrade cycle and realise that as long as your device is working you DON'T ACTUALLY NEED THIS YEAR'S MODEL.

The LAST YEAR'S MODEL website has been built by people who love new technology and cool gadgets. but realise that the constant upgrades and built-in obsolescence of today's devices is not really the way forward.

The site doesn't do much apart from push the idea that you do not need to upgrade your gadget (be it a mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player or whatever).
It does show various ways that you can get involved in the movement by linking to its various sites.

The good point is that it is reaching out to the geeks.

However, having worked with lots of techies in my time I think this might be a message they already know. The people I used to work with liked new gear, but were very aware of the marketing pressure and hype surrounding upgrades.

Personally it is the fashionista (the people that bought iMacs because it matched the colour of their room) that need to get the message and get a life.

Find them on the web here:

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