How a conwoman was rumbled

By Blog on the Box on Aug 3, 09 04:56 PM

HERE'S a little anecdote that made me laugh but, first, a bit of background.

Conmen Case Files is a series for Crime and Investigation Network (Sky Channel 531) about modern crimes.

The series includes the exploits of Emma Golightly, from Newcastle, who was jailed for a series of cons in which she plundered the credit cards of men she befriended.

They included at least one where she pretended to be dying of cancer. She even married the poor bloke.

The programme includes an insight into her twisted mind including an incident where she pretended to be a doctor called Taylor Golightly from a private hospital. She also claimed to be responsible for a £1m budget and befriended people who wanted a contract with the hospital.

This particular con did not involve seducing men or, indeed, getting money. It was, by all accounts, for the thrill of lying.

Anyway she was rumbled by Michael Jeffels - interviewed in the programme - after arranging for a fictitious cancer patient to meet Alan Shearer and claiming he had died the night before the event was due to take place.

That brings us, in a roundabout way, to what happened when a suspicious Michael - who had contacts with Newcastle United - went to the hospital to see the non-existent Taylor Golightly.

He told me: "I went into this hospital and asked for a person that did not exist and was wandering around the floors.

"Eventually suspicion grew about me and I had to produce evidence of who I was.

"The hospital then allowed me to speak to an administration lady to check all the "Golightly" doctors registered. There was none.

"I then rang my boss up on my mobile to tell him I was at the hospital. He was furious that I had put this "contract" in danger.

"But when I said I had a lady with me who can confirm Taylor Golightly did not exist, I was asked to put her on the phone, realising I hadn't asked her name.

"When she said she was called Janet Jackson my face drained and I actually said: "Dr Taylor Golightly doesn't exist because Janet Jackson has just told me."

"This resulted in my boss telling me to "get my ****** arse back in the office for a meeting."

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