Does anyone have some aftersun?

By Robert Weatherall on Apr 28, 09 11:18 AM

Well I did it. I managed to get round 26.2 miles of London on Sunday under my own steam. I can't say I managed to run all the distance although I was pleased with how I did.
After covering that kind of distance you might expect I would be suffering from sore legs, chaffed thighs or blisters on my feet.
While I have all these they aren't my biggest problem. The thing which has been giving me constant pain since Sunday is sunburn and I blame the BBC......

The BBC weather service had promised me rain in London on Sunday so I packed a disposable poncho to try and keep me dry. What I should have done instead was pack factor 25 sun cream.

While it might have been a glorious day for the tens of thousands of spectators who lined the route it wasn't great for the competitors. I have now turned a lovely shade of lobster red on my shoulders, back and upper arms and in the next few days I am expecting my skin to peel off.

Despite the sunburn and aching muscles it was a great day out and being a northerner I probably shouldn't say this but the atmosphere down there was even better than the Great North Run. The crowd was fantastic offering support to runners all round the course.

I managed to get to the half way mark in two hours and I kept running for another three miles after that but for the final 10 miles I am afraid it was a combination of walking and jogging. My final time was five hours fifteen.

My legs weren't aching and I wasn't struggling for breath - I just simply ran out of energy. I had nothing left in reserve to do anything more than jog for the odd quarter mile.

As I crossed the finishing line I thought to myself 'Never Again' but less than 48 hours later I found myself logging onto the Marathon website and have entered the ballot for a place again. I should know in October whether I will get another place.

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