I felt as if I was going to throw up

By Robert Weatherall on Jan 22, 09 11:20 AM

Hello. Did a six mile run last night and managed to complete it in 52 minutes which I thought was ok. It means an average of one mile every eight and a half minutes. I know that by some people's standards that's a bit slow but I'm not entering the Flora London Marathon with any great ambition to get round in a record time....

I just want to go and enjoy the experience and cross over the finishing line in one piece.
My thoughts from my most recent blog that all car drivers are idiots were confirmed when I almost got knocked over at a roundabout. Why don't drivers use their bloody indicators to tell people they are going to turn off at a certain exit?

Other than that the run went well and at the end I wasn't too knackered at all so perhaps I should up the pace next time.

This morning I did the dreaded bleep test before work - running back and forth between two markers 15 metres apart on Newcastle quayside while dressed in polyester running tights and a similar t-shirt did cause quite a few people to give me a funny look or a wide berth.

I managed to reach level nine which I think is about seven minutes of running at a constantly faster pace. It's hard work and I don't mind admitting I felt as if I was going to throw up at the end. However if it's hurting my theory is it must be doing me some good.

I think I will rest the legs tonight and do some work on my upper body. My arms currently look like the old weedy Mr Muscle and it's time to do something about them.


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