All car drivers are idiots

By Robert Weatherall on Jan 21, 09 02:44 PM

Hello again. The last time I blogged I was about to cycle 18 miles home after work. I was a little bit worried about riding on the roads in the dark so had invested in lots of lights and reflective strips - so much so that I described myself as being 'Lit up like a Christmas tree'.....

Despite this I was almost knocked off my bike twice and have come to the conclusion that all car drivers are idiots. I might wait a while before I try it again and think about altering my route so I spend less time on the roads - it's no good training for the Flora London Marathon if I become a road traffic victim the week before the race.

Other than that it was good exercise and allowed me to put in a good 90 minutes work out and arrive home just 30 minutes later than usual.

Finding the time to train is becoming an issue. I have all the time at the weekends but to put in regular runs every week night around all my other commitments is becoming a challenge.

A friend of mine recently suggested leaving the long runs for the weekend and concentrating on short high intensity runs during the week. Tonight I am planning on doing a six miler and tomorrow morning I might try out a bleep test my friend recommended.

For those who don't know what a bleep test is - you run back and forth between a set distance while listening to a recording of beeps which get quicker and quicker.
The last time I did one of these I was at school and I still remember it hurting.

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