Alcohol in a soap - whatever next?

By Blog on the Box on Dec 27, 08 11:18 AM

Boffins have worked out that soap characters are drunks. A month-long study into drinking habits in Emmerdale showed the equivalent of eight pints of beer and a measure of spirits were consumed in an average episode.

So what! The whole point is soaps is to dramatise the extreme behaviour of the characters. That's why they have more affairs, over-the-top reactions to everyday trails and tribulations and, yes, Mr Boffin from Derby University, that's why they drink at lot.

And not just in Emmerdale. The same research could "reveal" similar trends in EastEnders and Coronation Street and it would still come from the University of the Bleeding Obvious. Pubs are where people meet and socialise so it is not surprising, Sherlock, that a lot of scenes are played out in pubs.

The survey found a third of Emmerdale's residents would be classified as depressed drinkers according to Department of Health guidelines.
This category refers to drinkers for who "life is in a state of crisis" and "alcohol is a comforter and a form of self-medication used to help them cope".

Here is the full list of characters and the number of units of alcohol they consumed in the 20 episodes studied by Derby University.

At least Donald will be drinking less now - as fans will know he dropped dead.

Donald de Souza 26.9
Andy Sugden 22.3
Shane Doyle 20.8
David Metcalf 20.7
Matthew King 20.3
Anna de Souza 14.8
Daz Eden 14.5
Rodney Blackstock 13.9
Lisa Dingle 13.8
Carl King 13.4
Brenda Walker 10.6
Chastity Dingle 10.3
Nicola de Souza 9.2
Terry Woods 9.0
Eric Pollard 8.8
Eli Dingle 8.7
Paddy Kirk 8.7
Bob Hope 8.5
Jamie Hope 8.4
Edna Birch 7.9
Jasmine Thomas 6.9
Sam Dingle 6.9
Jimmy King 6.0
Marlon Dingle 5.9
Val Pollard 5.7
Victoria Sugden 5.4
Louise Appleton 4.6
Betty Eagleton 3.7
Jo Sugden 3.7
Scarlett Nicholls 2.3
Douglas Potts 2.3
Diane Sugden 2.3
Jake Doland 2.3
Ashley Thomas 2.3
Alan Turner 2.3
Lilly Butterfield 2.0
Debbie Dingle 1.8

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