S.A.D. Syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

By Two Point Four Children on Oct 14, 08 09:27 PM

The problem of S.A.D. (also known as winter blues) arises from the lack of bright light in winter. Warning signs can begin from September or as soon as the clocks go back and dark evenings kick in. Symptoms can include depression, despondency, gloom, overeating, disruption in sleeping patterns and lowered resistance to infection. Statistics show that around 2% of people in Northern Europe suffer bad effects with others (10%) experiencing milder symptoms.

The cure? Intense light every day. Go a brightly lit climate or try light therapy.

Or, on a lighter note, as read in an article by a life coach, try to re-live your last holiday in the sun...

We decided to re-create an evening of our Gran Canaria holiday (can't believe it was only seven weeks ago) at the home of our holiday companions by pooling our photographs and having a Canarian meal.

Their seventeen year old daughter was delighted we didn't try to emulate the meal we'd had on the last night when we'd shared a whole suckling pig with glazed crackling between five of us. She's not that keen on meat and wasn't best pleased to be stuck in the middle of us all especially when the person next to her was served the part with the curly tail and trotters.

So the meal wasn't totally authentic but we did manage our own version of Canarian Potatoes (not the same as abroad with mojo sauce the thirteen year old was quick to point out) and honey rum liqueurs afterwards. And what was left of the duty free wine of course...

Then we sat and watched our photographs (hundreds of them) on their huge plasma screen TV. Laughter must be good for SAD Syndrome surely? Their thirteen year old couldn't stop at the sight of his dad whom he said looked like a Buddha sat on the beach...

Unfortunately we all fell asleep before the end of the slide show (even the pet bird was comatose). It was left to the thirteen year old to wake us all up and he practically had the front door open to push us out into the night. After half an hour's walk uphill, keeping pace with the superb view of Penshaw Monument illuminated against the night sky
we arrived home in the early hours of the morning.

We were greeted with disgust by Son No Two (who hadn't wanted to come with us) at our appalling timekeeping (we'd said we'd be back about eleven).

My other half said he fell asleep because his eyes were tired as he's just got contact lens and had spent three hours that morning at the Eye Infirmary because he thought he'd lost one inside his eye. Turned out he'd scratched his eye but the lens was nowhere to be found. (And I'd thought that his wearing contact lens had to be easier than losing the four pairs of glasses lying about the house - one pair for reading, one for TV, one for the computer, one for driving and so on. Anyway, that's another story.)

I said I fell asleep because I'd been decorating (the SAD Syndrome seems to apply to houses as well).

Anyway, we're going to do it all again next weekend to see the photos we missed...

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