Recycled Bikes for Christmas

By Trash Talk on Oct 28, 08 03:17 PM

Bicycles are an expensive Christmas present that can be outgrown very quickly.
But there are ways to afford a bike and recycle any that you have outgrown.
Let me introduce you to Premier Waste Management's favourite bike recyclers.

Across the North East many people will be buying bicycles for Christmas presents this year. This environmentally friendly present is top of the list for many children, whilst those of us trying to get fit see it as another way to lose those festive pounds. So how do you afford one in the first place, and what do you do with the old one that your child has outgrown?

20 million people in the UK own a bike but only 6 million of them actually use them regularly. Whilst most people think that bikes are a lower carbon footprint alternative, what they don't actually realise that most are imported from the Far East!

Regardless of this, using a bike is not only great exercise but incredibly energy efficient. In fact, the energy efficiency of cycling is estimated to be the equivalent of a car doing 1600 miles on a gallon of petrol!

While an average car produces about 3.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, even after taking in to account its manufacture bikes contribute zero to greenhouse gas emissions.

Plus bicycles take much less energy and resources to manufacture than even the smallest car - the amount of steel and other raw material used to make a bicycle is less than two-percent of that found in a small car.

There are two organisations in the North East that I know of that can help out on the bike front. Both take in second hand bikes, recondition them and offer them for resale. They also run bike maintenance workshops to help you keep the bikes you have got running and to save you money on repairs by doing it yourself.

Recyke y' bike offers second hand reconditioned bicycles for sale. Based in Newcastle they accept donations from the police, local community and the public. The bikes are then recycled either by renovating and reselling, stripping for spare parts, dismantling and selling the metal, or sending them to projects in Africa or local charities. In the two years they have been going they estimate saving over 1500 bikes from landfill. Call them on 0191 265 4197 or go to

Sports Recycler based in South Shields also takes in bicycles from the public, universities and other organisations for reconditioning and resale. Sports Recycler also offer bikes for hire so no excuse for not going on a family bike ride. Sports Recycler put about 233 bikes back on the road per year and strip many more for spare parts.
If you have an unwanted bicycle that you want to donate ring 0845-2700 535.

If you have any hints or tips on bikes and recycling then contact me on

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