Laverty down but not out...

By Burning Rubber on Sep 6, 08 05:59 PM

DURHAM-based Eugene Laverty will start tomorrow's World Supersport race from a lowly 21st after being caught out in the wet at Donington Park this afternoon.

In the first of two events with the Yamaha World Supersport squad, Laverty had looked a strong contender in Friday's earlier practice sessions, lying eighth after first qualifying.

But things took a bad turn during today's second session, as he made a rush to capitalise on a fast lap as the rain began to fall.

"It was obviously wet out there but there was none coming down, and just while I was on a decent lap, it started again. I thought it was going to come in for the duration so I pushed that little bit harder to get the lap in.

"Unfortunately I pushed that little too much and I ended up crashing. The worst part was that it stopped raining after that, so if I'd just kept going and kept on it, I'd have been fine!"

Although he starts from 21st today, Laverty is confident he can get a clean getaway and leapfrog as many spots as possible into the opening corners, before pushing and chasing down a top ten finish.


Image by Fotofuel. Not for reproduction without permission.

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