In the land of Castles and Kings.......

By Glanton Bob on Aug 22, 08 05:40 PM

I took my bike up the wild wannies and sidewinded to the coastal plains of Northumberland,

My mate Kev a fellow geetar picker fond of JJ Cale and his mystic swamp rock, let me crash in Powburn (home of the fictitious Panther rarely spotted on the plains but frequently at the Poachers or the Queens). After an early start I headed for Embleton with the bike in the back of the estate car. Heading through Eglingham in an easterly direction to cross the A1 at South Charlton and to pass Rock.

Parking in a lay-by on the Embleton city-limits, I headed north and east towards Beadnell Bay. It was breezy, sunny and with little rain-squalls all at the same time, I found myself navigating away from the roads but using a parallel path following the contour of the coast, by-passing the links and the bird sanctuary, still heading in a northerly direction towards, Beadnell and after that Seahouses, Bamborough and Budle Bay.

A Sunday morning so full of bountiful nature it is almost beyond description, however here had warm sun and gentle to robust breeze, showers and scented air, it seemed that all of the senses were being stimulated, in a maelstrom of colour light vision and sound. The flowers were blue hare bells and yellow tansy, with the white headed meadowsweet faring well and rose bay willow an outrage of purple. The grasses were tall with flowering heads interspersed with crane's bill and vetch. On the salt marshes past Newton I spotted Samphire, which I have never seen so far north.

Hey this was here and now and did not involve Easy-jet or anyone else for that matter. Yes there were a few cars and caravans, but for the height of the season it was busy, bustling and with a sense of occasion rather than being stressed out. Seahouses of course, was much busier. I stopped for coffee, compulsory fish and chips and watched the boats leave and return for the Farne Islands, before heading north for Bamburgh and the North.

Without being too chauvinistic about the beauties of the North, this was a fantastic way to spend the day and would probably be even better towards the end of summer when the crowds die down, when the seals and eider ducks will be more in abundance.

Tired and ready for a meal or liquid refreshment I took off in pursuit of the elusive panther and Kev......singing...'they call me the breeze....I keep running down this road', JJ Cale in essence as the little legs go round, faster and faster.

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