Wall-E: this summer's blockbuster is about recycling!

By Trash Talk on Jul 23, 08 10:00 AM

I never thought that when I started at Premier Waste Management that I would be writing a film review.

But it is not every year that the summer blockbuster from Disney-Pixar is about the waste and recycling industry.

In the future the Earth has filled up with rubbish, all the humans have fled into space leaving robots to clear up the mess.

700 years later and only one robot Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter•Earth-class) survives. He continues to go about his recycling business, sorting the rubbish, compacting, stacking it neatly into piles and decorating his home with interesting bits of trash. What will become of this loveable little recycling robot when he meets the (robot) girl of his dreams and what is going to happen to our rubbish-filled planet?

I've been lucky enough to see a preview of Wall-E and can recommend it to adults and kids alike.

The romance between Wall-E and the sleek EVE robot is charming and touching. Plus there are plenty of sly references to other science-fiction films to keep the geeks interested.

The film tells a parable about our bad stewardship of the planet without being cloyingly preachy.

See more about Wall-E here:

The only other time I can remember the waste industry featuring in a film is the Death Star trash compactor in Star Wars!

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