Man cannot live by bread alone . . . or can he?

By Ken Oxley on Jul 16, 08 05:19 PM

I think I'm developing an aversion to decision-making. It's one of the trials of modern life.

It's all about choice and everywhere you turn, there are just too many options . . . too many TV channels, too many radio stations, too many websites offering too many services.

But the choice explosion is not confined to the digital revolution . . . it has even infiltrated the humble sandwich.

Sarnies used to be simple. Cheese and pickle, ham and pickle, cheese and ham, ham and ham. And always on white bread.

How things have changed. Now people think nothing of asking for gruyere with wild rocket and sun-blushed tomatoes in a spinach-flavoured tortilla wrap.

Go to any of several high street sandwich outlets and you'll be confronted with a bamboozling array of fillings available in an equally confusing selection of breads.

I found myself discussing the evolution of the sandwich with my teenage sons the other day and, to my surprise, they agreed that simplicity is the key.

My eldest son Sam, 20, is a big fan of fish finger sandwiches while Joe, 18 today (July 16), goes one better . . . he loves crisp sandwiches on liberally buttered white bread.

I can confirm that both these combos are utterly fab . . . so don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em.

When I was kid, not only did I feast on the above, I also regularly devoured tomato ketchup sandwiches, Marmite sandwiches and once I even tried a curry sauce sandwich!

And who says they have to be savoury? Let's not forget banana sandwiches, apple sandwiches and good, old-fashioned jam sandwiches.

But even I can be outdone. A friend, for example, swears by sugar sandwiches.

The point is, with sarnies the golden rule is "less is more". You don't want them bursting with too many competing flavours and then exploding on your desk - or down your shirt - when you take your first bite.

Besides, what better way to beat the credit crunch than by cutting down on needlessly sophisticated, over-priced sandwiches.

True, man cannot live by bread alone. But he doesn't need that much more.

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