Milk bottle tops - LOTS of milk bottle tops

By Trash Talk on Jun 25, 08 09:41 AM

I've got some milk bottle tops can you do anything with them - said the email.

I know that last week I wrote that I would continue my examination of my waste and recycling but that was before I received an interesting email from someone who had been collecting lots of milk bottle tops.

The guy who emailed me had been collecting the plastic milk bottle tops via the dance group he plays the music for. Given the nature of these things the word spread and he started to get lots of tops - all nicely cleaned. The problem came when he found that the hospital he thought was using them to raise money did no such thing. So, what to do with all these tops - that is were Premier Waste Management came in.

Some local authorities collect milk bottle tops alongside the plastic bottles, but a lot do not. I found one plastics re-processor that offers money for them but they were on the south coast - any money would be eaten up in the transport cost.

The dance club had collected three large bin sacks full of tops - believe me that is a lot of tops - and wanted to see them put to some use.

That is where Play Together comes in.

Play Together is a play resource centre and scrap store for schools and community groups.

They offers all the bits and bobs needed for art projects done in schools, things like: fabric, vinyl, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, corks and the rest of the things you see stuck to card in the school hall.

This proves that one man's rubbish is another man's craft material.

In the waste hierarchy they are a REUSE centre. Much better to have something reused than have it enter the waste chain to start with.

Play Together not only reuse arts and craft type material but also office equipment and paint, in fact they could probably find a good home for anything that a school or a community group could need.

They were only to happy to receive the plastic bottle tops and I managed to fill three huge tubs.

If you are in a business that is throwing away material that you think kids would love to stick and make into art then give Play Together a ring on 0191-514 6140 and see if they can provide a better home for it.

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