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By Guest Blogger Peter Seth, 3rd Dan Aikido.

Knives! Horrible things in the hands of fools!

In fact it does not even have to be a knife, almost anything can be employed to intimidate, terrorise, wound and kill. It is the individuals not the weapons they use which must be the priority in addressing the present violence sweeping the country.

Apart from the criminal element and the perpetuation of violence for gain, the other main area is the violence that seems to be prevalent and increasing amongst the youth in this country.

With youngsters, both male and female as young as nine up to the age of early 20s and sometimes beyond, being involved in nasty and sometimes deadly violence how do we address the issues?.

Arrrgh worms are eating my waste!

By Trash Talk on May 28, 08 09:00 AM

Following on from my composting blog a few weeks ago I thought I would explore the next step in composting and waste reduction – the wormery.

In the nineteen sixties, Shields had gas lamps , cobbled streets snow and ice in winter steam powered ferries, trolley buses, corner shops and on the Lawe Top (where I lived) a Roman fort.

The Roman fort must have seized everybodys imagination as the street names all laid a homage to Rome, there was Vespasian Avenue, Julian Avenue, Roman road, and Urfa terrace, Caer Urfa being the roman name for Shields.

We had a big (happy) family Joan and Stan, Valerie, Martin, Mel, Wendy and later Linden, complete with Roger the dog and lodgers, mostly marine students studying to pass their tickets, which would be a gateway to the sea, abroad and the world.

My role in the family and the community seemed to be the messenger
I would run to the paper shop for a Gazette, go messages to the grocers or at night the ‘offie’

On top of that I would deliver orders for Bains and Duncans, either with a home made cart (oh the shame) or on the grocery delivery bike which was top heavy when the groceries were placed in the front basket. It was slavery of course and child labour, but was seen as enterprising and character forming.

The Lawe Top was surely the best place in the world to grow up. There was the view of the sea, the nearby parks, the Hilltop play ground, various chippies and best of all three cinemas within walking distance. Ocean road is now the curry centre of the world which is another plus, but in those days there was only one Indian restaurant.

The Lawe Top was an island in the days of the Romans with the river to the north and ocean road to the south a tributary of the Tyne all shallow, as it was before industrialization and the dredging of the river.

My favourite fare those days was curried fishcake and chips usually bought on a Friday night coming home from the Scouts.

It was an outdoor life, it needed to be, what with black and white TV and two, then just three channels. Then there were the songs, the songs to sustain, the melodies the ‘yeah, yeah, yeahs’, the mop heads and melodies.

‘she was just seventeen, you know what I mean’

We had the boat to go fishing, the dinghy to row over to North Shields, the parks and the beaches, I just remember running, running everywhere over the hills, banks, parks and beaches, running, running , running to school, to do a delivery, running for a bus, running everywhere, and at night after all the air, weather and freezing nor easterly, sleeping forever. The sea fret would envelop the Lawe and our dreaming minds and carry us away.

This was written for our Joan and Stan who will always be with us.

Would I like to attend a VIP Preview Screening and Celebration Evening at the newly refurbished Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne? Dress to impress!

It is not just paper and other small items that can be made out of recycled products, take a look at this video by Changing Rooms presenter and eco-designer Oliver Heath on the uses of recycled products in the home.

You can find the video here.

Nigel's not got talent

By Blog on the Box on May 17, 08 05:14 PM

Ha, ha, ha.

Just watched local lad Nigel Graham on the website for Britain's Got Talent.

And he hasn't.

This is absolute filth

By Blog on the Box on May 16, 08 04:14 PM

The other day I received a delivery in a brown package. It was a DVD. It had the word "filth" written on the disc.

Waa-hoo! Time to get the lads over, stock up on a few beers, and watch a bit of entertainment.

So we put the DVD in the machine only to find...

Help in low carbon initiatives

By Trash Talk on May 14, 08 09:00 AM

Help is at hand if you are in business and want aid in understanding your carbon footprint and the impact climate change will have on your business.

I recently attended a conference with some colleagues from Premier Waste Management where we were able to talk the carbon agenda with people who know what is happening.

Odd isn't it, how it's always life's little irritations that wind you up the most. If something major goes wrong, you just get on and deal with it and all the other stuff becomes irrelevant.

But when you're up against the little things in isolation, what should be a minor annoyance gets magnified out of all proportion.

It was like that with my fridge door . . .

They say things happen in cycles... The other day I was involved in a car accident and my brand new dishwasher went up in smoke. To try to avoid the third catastrophe someone at work told me to break a match. I couldn't find one so I attempted to break a pencil and broke a tooth instead...Which led to the discovery that our dentist is retiring after thirty two years...

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