MMA the original Olympic sport

By Below The Belt on Dec 6, 07 10:27 AM

MEDICS everywhere must be bursting blood vessels, banging heads against walls and tearing their hair out at the suggestion MMA should be become an Olympic Sport.

As most of you may know the British Medical Association has recently had an apoplexy over MMA describing it as: “as human cockfighting� and saying “the days of gladiator fights are over and we should not be looking to resurrect them.�

In the same way that the BMA is trying to knock out Boxing it’s trying to take down MMA – by playing the brutality and injury card.

Yes, MMA and Boxing can be brutal but so can the Olympics sport of Judo – the Gentle Way – as anyone who has been in the clutches of a Judoka can testify!

Is it human cock fighting, a throw back to an earlier age of Gladiators and baying crowds in amphitheatres’?

Well, it has been sold as a modern version of the ancient form of fighting known as Pankration.

And what is Pankration? It’s a fighting method encompassing striking and kicking with wrestling.

Where does Pankration come from? It’s as Greek as the Acropolis and probably older. Ancient texts show it was the premier sport of the Ancient Olympics.

In fact some martial arts historians believe Alexander the Great’s Macedonian army took it to India when they invaded in 327BC.

After blending it with their indigenous combat systems the Indians took their new mixed martial arts to China and the rest is martial arts history.

Maybes Pankration – or its modern equivalent – has come back full circle and is looking to come home to where it truly belongs – in the Olympics.

What do you think – should MMA be included in the Olympics? Or is it “cockfighting� and should have no place in the modern sports arena?


Since writing this blog I've since discovered that kick boxing was also an ancient Greek fighting system that was in the original Olympic line up.

According to the history book I read, Greek kick boxing rules allowed participants to punch, kick and slap opponents either with the palm or back of the hand.

There was a referee to make sure fighters did not gouge at eyes or flesh nor use wrestling moves.

The winner was the last man standing...

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