Mixed Martial Arts versus the old Champ Boxing

By Below The Belt on Nov 30, 07 03:51 PM

IN the blue corner we have the young contender Mixed Martial Arts and in the red corner the old champ Boxing.

But who will win the battle of the ring – or cage – to be the true heavyweight champion of the airwaves and audience figures?

There's no doubt Boxing has a hardcore of fans who will never renounce their love of the ‘noble’ art, but the names on the lips of youngsters are not heavy weight boxing champs Sultan Ibragimov or Ruslan Chagaev.

No, the youth of today are talking about the Chuck Liddle and the awesome Matt Hughes, kings of the Octagon.

Already the audience figures for the UFC, Cage Rage and Pride mixed martial arts tournaments are far outstripping many traditional sports and according to some reports it has already eclipsed boxing as the premier fighting sport.

Why would this be?

MMA is the new kid on the block and there’s a freshness about the whole enterprise that is missing in the ‘old’ boxing world.

Also, you don’t see the stars of the octagon surrounded by fifty minders when they meet the fans. No, they mix freely and so come across as open and interested in the people whose bums pay their wages.

MMA also combines multiple skills far beyond boxing and is therefore much more interesting to watch as you don’t know whether a fight will stay upright or – bang – will go to the ground and turn into a submission wrestling match.

Anyone who knows about real fighting will recognise this often happens in real confrontations. Most real fights end up as wrestling matches on the ground. So realism counts.

Although MMA looks brutal to the casual onlooker, in truth it has a far better safety record than boxing where opponents continually pound each other in the head.

There are far more martial artists in ANY country than there are boxers. Just think how many martial arts clubs are in your leisure centre!

And as any core martial art can be part of the MMA there are also more contenders.
It also appeals to kickers, punchers and grapplers as it contains them all.

Will boxing throw in the towel? Will it be knocked out on its feet? Or will it slug it out with the new bad boy on the block and ultimately triumph?

Only at the sound of the last round bell will we truly tell who is the Real Champ.

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