Carrier Bag Menace

By Trash Talk on Nov 29, 07 10:24 AM

In the back of my mind I knew carrier bags where a huge waste problem. However, the numbers are so colossal: over 2 BILLION plastic bags are used per year in the UK. What can one person do?

My plastic bag usage is a drop in the ocean, if I stopped using them it would not matter one iota to the greater scheme of things. Or would it? Surely, you have to accept responsibility for your actions and change can start with just one person.
Recycling these bags is not the answer – they represent a huge investment in resources and energy, they can not be recycled very satisfactorily and very few place offer recycling to begin with.

So, I started to develop A GOOD BAG HABIT:

1. I bought some big reusable bags and put them in the boot of the car for use on family shops.
2. I now stuff purchases in my pockets without putting them in a plastic bag first.
3. I started to carry a man bag to put purchases in.
4. Before I leave the house I stuff a cotton bag in a pocket.
5. I say “no thank youᅵᅵ? to plastic bags automatically and remove any that have been put on.
6. Any bags I do end up with I recycle at supermarkets.

I still end up with plastic bags, but I make sure they go back to the supermarket for recycling or I keep them for future use.

I will be delving further into the murky world of plastic bags in future blogs but let me know how you have faired in developing a good bag habit.

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