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IN the blue corner we have the young contender Mixed Martial Arts and in the red corner the old champ Boxing.

But who will win the battle of the ring – or cage – to be the true heavyweight champion of the airwaves and audience figures?

There's no doubt Boxing has a hardcore of fans who will never renounce their love of the ‘noble’ art, but the names on the lips of youngsters are not heavy weight boxing champs Sultan Ibragimov or Ruslan Chagaev.

No, the youth of today are talking about the Chuck Liddle and the awesome Matt Hughes, kings of the Octagon.

Carrier Bag Menace

By Trash Talk on Nov 29, 07 10:24 AM

In the back of my mind I knew carrier bags where a huge waste problem. However, the numbers are so colossal: over 2 BILLION plastic bags are used per year in the UK. What can one person do?

So, it's finally happened. They've got to us.

It was always just a matter of time, and now the greenies have infiltrated our sport.

This week, BTCC chiefs announced that it was to become the first racing series in the world of wheels and engines to stick a limit on CO2 emission levels produced by its competing cars.

As of 2009 - following a year of prepation and testing - emission testing will be introduced to all cars in the series.

I have a confession to make. I’m a Mod and not a Traditional martial artist.

There, I feel better for getting that off my chest.

The reason why I mentioned this is because there seems to be a rift developing in the martial arts world between Mods and Trads.

It was billed as an exceptional insight into the work of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

At least that's what it was supposed to be. In reality the Beeb's new series Monarchy had more zzzzzzzs than the Toon Army watching Newcastle v Liverpool.

Here's to Lighty-Up-Slipper-Man

By Ken Oxley on Nov 21, 07 12:15 PM

Who decided there was a market for slippers that light up? Which tortured, misunderstood soul foisted that crazy, curve-ball of an idea onto an unsuspecting public?

I swear never saw it coming. It arrived straight out of leftfield, just like a host of other things that were never meant to go together but are now inextricably linked.

I’m thinking here of cameras and phones, cars and robots (aka Transformers) and cheesy chips. . . they exist, against all the odds, in perfect harmony.

The most impressive animal on the planet is the aye aye lemur.

Bow down and worship this impressive creature, lads, because it can bonk for 55 minutes a pop.

Waste Stream?

By Trash Talk on Nov 19, 07 02:25 PM

Coming from the waste industry it is all too easy to fall into trade jargon and the use of the words “waste stream� to describe your rubbish is one of the industries favourites.

I have begun to question whether these are the right words after Heather Rogers (author of Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage) wrote that the phrase is too innocuous, it sound too natural and too inevitable.

I am beginning to agree with her.

Marbella Belle

By on Nov 18, 07 11:15 AM

It all sounds so glamourous moving to Marbella, Spain. Don't believe it for a minute. Firstly, finding a suitable place for a family of four and 3 cats is a minefield in itself.

Then there is the schooling issue for the kids. Do you put them in a Spanish State school or private International? Next is sorting out how to get all your belongings across to Spain. Then last but in no way least are our 3 cats.

We had to arrange a "Pet Jet" facility, pet passports and all the jabs. Which, came to a small fortune. Some of you may have read in the paper that on the day we were due to fly out, the cats smelt a rat and ran and hid in the loft.

After crawling around in the insulation for an hour to no avail, we had to give up and fly without them. Don't worry as the next day some friends managed to get them, load them up and pack them off to the airport where we picked them up.

Tesco stole my butty idea

By Booze Blog on Nov 15, 07 01:37 PM

According to the papers, culinary history has been made by Tesco who have launched a curry sandwich.

It is described as an 'innovation' which is to revolutionise the UK food industry.

Hang on a second, I thought, I was eating curry sandwiches 20 years ago, usually in a vain bid to stave off a hangover following a good session.

Or perhaps I didn't, which kind of makes sense in the twilight world of life viewed through the bottom of a glass.

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