Fat pigs and all that. . .

By Ken Oxley on Oct 24, 07 05:18 PM

Michael Winner is probably responsible for some of the worst films ever made - not to mention a seriously irritating catchphrase from a TV ad that for some inexplicable reason entered into the nation's psyche.

To have survived as long as he has and still remain in the public eye on the back of so little talent is, in my view, a remarkable achievement.

So, given my lack of general respect for the man's work I found it intensely annoying to discover I actually quite like him.

Winner has just written a book with a rather punchy title - The Fat Pig Diet. It's so called, he says, because he was a fat pig himself until very recently.

He's currently doing the rounds on radio chat shows plugging his tome, which runs to 75,000 words.

"So Michael, what's your book's basic message?" asked one enthusiastic interviewer.

"Eat less," replied Michael.

"That's it?"

"Yup, that's it."

The one time fat pig then went on to explain that the book is basically full of amusing waffle and anecdotes but that no-one actually needs to buy it for the dietry advice it contains.

What a refreshingly honest way to plug your book! I'm almost (I say almost) tempted to rush out and buy a copy.

At least he isn't trying to blind us with science like most diet books do. Winner's theory is simple - eating less leads to weight loss.

There are no 'banned' foods in his diet and he doesn't bother counting calories. He eats anything and everything. . . but in smaller portions.

And, after a relatively short time, he says our bodies adjust and become used to smaller amounts.

It sounds too simplistic, but I've a feeling he's absolutlely right.

The only problem with Winner's Fat Pig Diet is that people don't really want to face up to the truth about obesity.

They want to believe in miracle cures for their over-indulgence when it really just comes down to a biological fact. . . the more you eat, the bigger you get.

Good luck with the book Michael. . . you're onto a Winner!

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