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Fat pigs and all that. . .

By Ken Oxley on Oct 24, 07 05:18 PM

Michael Winner is probably responsible for some of the worst films ever made - not to mention a seriously irritating catchphrase from a TV ad that for some inexplicable reason entered into the nation's psyche.

To have survived as long as he has and still remain in the public eye on the back of so little talent is, in my view, a remarkable achievement.

So, given my lack of general respect for the man's work I found it intensely annoying to discover I actually quite like him.

It was 4am when the phone rang. My wife got there first while I fumbled around trying to switch on the bedside lamp.

It was Sam, our eldest son, who we’d dropped off at university in Cardiff – more than 300 miles away – just a week earlier.

“Hi! Eh, I’m in hospital. . . don’t panic

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