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Looking good in lycra. . . not!

By Ken Oxley on Jul 21, 07 11:44 PM

I cycled to work last week - a 12-ish mile journey, mostly off road, which took me just under an hour. Somehow I don't think the Tour de France beckons just yet.

I'm trying to get fit, you see, for a lads' outing later this year when we plan to tackle the coast-to-coast cycle ride - all 120 or so miles - over three days.

That's a breeze for a fit young lad, but when you're staring 50 down the barrel of a gun it's a somewhat more daunting prospect.

About me

By Ken Oxley on Jul 20, 07 11:02 AM

As Deputy Editor and columnist for the Sunday Sun - and the paper's official, jumped-up, opinioned little so and so in residence - I'm always noising off about current events.

It can be a stressful job but, in truth, news is my sanctuary. Being a fortysomething, married man with a hefty mortgage and two truculent teenagers is much, much tougher than being a journalist.

So welcome to my blog - essentially an extension of my newspaper column - but which also deals with issues beyond work as I lurch from one domestic crisis to the next... with the dreaded Five-O fast approaching.

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