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Welcome to my blog

By Ken Oxley on Jun 19, 07 05:37 PM

Boy is this scary. My first tentative steps into cyberspace. Every week I write a column for the Sunday Sun - a full page devoted to my take on the week's events - so you might think I'd be completely unfazed by the prospect of writing a blog. You'd be wrong.

There's something reassuring about the fact that my newspaper column appears in good, old-fashioned print - a medium I'm comfortable with.

And even though it has also been appearing on the Sunday Sun's website, I feel oddly removed from that process. That's because my column is written with the print medium in mind and that's where I view it. I have nothing to do with the website - my words are uploaded by someone else and I never log on to see them in electronic form.

However, times change. So here we go. . . I hope to update this blog on a regular basis with little pearls of wisdom and/or the random ramblings of a fortysomething weighed down by all the usual baggage that comes with age.

More later. . .

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